Monday, 9 February 2015

Jewellery 'Storage'

Just a quick little sumin' sumin' for you today pals. Ma Jewellery 'storage' arrangement....

... I'm sure it's nothing new and a baijillion bloggers out there have already posted a similar type of thing but I figured I'd stick this up anyway. I'm not a huge Jewellery wearer, I have two rings that sit permanently on my fingerlings, a flesh tunnel that only comes out when I sleep and an ear cuff chain do-dad that I wear most days and that's generally it. It has to be a special occasion / night out or something similar for me to actually head over to my collection and spend time thinking about what else I could adorn my body with. When I do though it is here that I head, my trusted cake stand. I love this guy. Originally purchased to display wondrous cupcakes it migrated to my room as these days the tasty morsels are either eaten in a couple of hours or bunged in some tupperware and taken into work to feed the hungry masses. Displaying them 'all fancy like' just isn't worth it.


So yeah. Inspiration maybe? An alternative to those 'jewellery tree' things, or a draw full of tangled chains and broken dreams. It looks real purdy and is a practical option too, means everything is displayed nicely so I can peruse my choices easily. Boom.

Until next time I'm away laughing on a fast camel. (reference anyone?) xxx


  1. I got stuck on your blog. No seriously, I love checking on it on those cold nights, because makes my mind get warmer with your creativity. I like the way you did that cake stand, clever!!! You rock Janna!!!

    1. A thousand of thank yous to you Denica! Very much appreciate the support!

      Stay wicked my pal!