Friday, 30 January 2015



Ahem. Sorry. It's been one of those days...

Brain fart's out the way lets talk about Pixi. Not Lott. I'm not a fan. Glow. Glow is where it's at.

This baby is legendary. Bloggers all over the shop have raved from the rooftops and shouted praise at passers by.



So yeah.. it crops up in favourites / most repurchased vids time and time again. Finally I understand why. It's good! Really good actually.

I originally picked this up this last year in the store near Liberty in London (which is handily located very close to my work.. uh oh!). I was Pre-Roaccutance, fully in the throws of acne, really sensitive, red, raw, spotty, icky blurgh. I'd heard excellent things about its spot banishing qualities and thought it might be my light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately I thought that about a lot of hyped up 'Holy Grail' products and like the rest of them it didn't go so well.

After a week of so of using this I stopped as I thought it was breaking me out / irrtating my skin more so than the poor thing already was. I can't be sure, because Lord only knows I was having one hell of a time with my skin back then, but I didn't want to risk it.

However... my now blemish free face is fantastic and I love it dearly (roaccutane update is imminent!), however I still have a lot of red scarring over my cheeks and I figured if there was ever a time to give Pixi Glow and its exfoliating qualities another go this was it!

I've been using it morning and evening most days for a couple of weeks now and I'm in love. There's been a definite improvement in the surface of my skin. Previously I was just happy to be spot free and not covered in lumps and bumps but now 'smooth' has been taken to a whole new level and I'm not going back! I actually cant stop touching my face because it's sooooooo gloriously soft and luscious. Like an incredibly fine suede or something. Wonderful.

I'd also say that's its aiding with lessening my scarring. I'm fully aware it'll take months for the redness to really fade but I do think the process is being hurried along slightly by this pink hued potion.

Word to the wise though... My skin type has dramatically changed after being on the roaccutane and as well as being clear (!!!!) it's also seemingly far less sensitive. I was worried that the tonic might really have been a factor in my old nasty ass spot infested face, but clearly not! I would say for those with sensitive skin or who (whom?) are acne prone, maybe be weary of this product. Of chemical exfoliators in general actually. I doused my mug with various brands, Alpha H (a little liquid gold anyone?), Pixi Glow and a bunch of high street shizzle and all it did was aggravate the situation. One thing I've definitely learnt over the years is to treat any irritation with care and kindness, moisturise, hydrate and be gentle. Going at a spot ridden face with harsh chemicals is NOT the way forward my loves.

For those of you little pumpkins with more tolerant complexions however I'd say a big HELLS YEAH to Pixi Glow Tonic. It's bloomin' marvellous stuff.

Available at in the Pixi store and also in Liberty or on Liberty online. 

Handshakes and head nods.  - we're going formal today. xxx


  1. Woohoo to exfoliating toners! I'm currently using the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening toner - LOVE the stuff. The First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads are pretty damn good too. I've heard so much about this one but we can't get it over here! I'm glad that it's makin yo face soft like leather tho ;)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. haha! Over here we actually refer to people as 'leather faces' if they have really hard rough skin, usually old ladies who are brown and cracked from a youth in the sun with no protection! haha!

      Soft like suede maybe? I'm keen to try the Clarins one! And a recommendation is another reason to give it a go for sure! *pops on wishlist*


  2. Thanks to have replied to my last comment (I still can not believe it! )
    Thanks to be just you ,you're an awesome girl !( and perfect ♥ )
    I love all your drawings
    I speak of your blog has all my friends so that they come to see :)
    And a final thanks for your tips , and ramblings . I love you definitly xxxxxx

    1. Many thank you's to you for reading it my love! Nobody's perfect though trust me ;)

      But very glad you enjoy my ramblings and such. Stay wicked and own it you lovely human bean! Jx

  3. Hi Janna ! I'm the same anonymous comment above that
    I forgot to ask you before,I wanted to know what foundation cream you use ,your skin look pretty good
    'cuz I have a fair skin and I looking one who would go with.
    Bye love x

    1. I'm a fan of Nars Sheer Glow in Mount Blanc or Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC15. Both pricey but really great for pale skin and build-able coverage. Also get colour matched before buying though. Take a sample home and try in different lights etc. You don't want to fork out then find you've got the wrong shade! Jx

  4. I’ve read so much about the Pixi Glow Tonic on beauty blogs! Seems like a Holy Grail, but I’ve never bought it.
    My skin is quite sensitive and can get reddish easily. I’m not so sure whether it’s ideal for me..does it irritate your skin at all or just a bit of tingling?
    The Pai Rosehip Oil should be good for reducing the scarring, too. Have you tried that?
    Now, that the Roaccutane started working , I wanna get rid of the stuff, it’s gonna take freaking ages to vanish but if there are products that actually help – give them to me!
    Hope you’re well, your skin is improving and life is just great? :D
    Elli X

    1. I feel like when my skin was supersensitive and acne ridden it just wasn't helping. It's a much less harsh version of something like the Alpha H Liquid Gold but still contains Glycolic Acid and other ingredients that could cause a reaction in sensitive skins. That send it never tingles on me and now I swear by the stuff. It's certainly more gentle than lots of astringent toners.

      Again, I used the rosehip oil from Pai when I was all icky with the spots. It definitely broke me out. I ended up giving it away. I'm wary of subjecting my skin to a whole bunch of stuff at the mo as its had a pretty rough time of it haha. Trying to be patient with the scarring and such. It's a dream to be able to shove a thin (super thin!) bit of Nars Sheer glow on and rock outta the house. Or wear nothing! YAY! haha.

      I'm all good thank you. Busy as a bee with work so not as much time to blog at the mo but I'm trying!

      Hope all is good your end pumpkin!