Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Junk Food For Your Eyezballz.

Rom Coms. Chick Flicks. Netflix is littered with handsome chaps, awkward and kooky yet stunning women. The same story line dressed up in a new 'misunderstanding' that's resolved in some incredible and fabulously over the top way involving grand gestures and crossing countries.

Some of it is pure crap. Some of it is damned wicked. Most is, quite honestly, crap. Guilty pleasures if you will. You've likely at the very least heard of them all anyway but just in case I figured I'd shove a list up. This is not oscar winning cinema people, this is hormonal friendly, effortless binge viewing. Rubbish.

In no particular order...

Definitely Maybe
Ryan Reynolds and a host of female costars in a 'How I met your mother' story.
Way better than the show (I'm not a fan... sorry... eep! *hides*), and the right mix of fun, mush, and sentimentality, with an added dose of sarcasm.

The Proposal
I have watched this a million times and it still makes me giggle.
"To the window, to the wall, all you bitches crawl!"

You've Got Mail
Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and a dial up connection. Deliciously heartwarming and gentle.

French Kiss
Another Meg Ryan winner. She's just too darn cute dammit.
Classic line - "My ass is twitching. You people make my ass twitch."

Two Weeks Notice
I shouldn't like this. I really shouldn't. It's Hugh Grant, it's Sandra Bullock, it's stupid, it's also great.

A Knights Tale
Pure silliness and laughs set in ye olden days, this movie has a wicked soundtrack and the costume styling is fucking brilliant.

The Sweetest Thing
Ridiculous fun. Favourite scenes include the dress up montage, boob groping in the bathroom and the infamous penis song.

Some more critically acclaimed and widely acknowledged greats I'd bet my left butt cheek you've absolutely already seen are as follows:

Love Actually
I guess I don't even need to go there do I?

10 Things I Hate About You
World renowned as one of the greatest teen movies of all time for good reason.
Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon Levitt and a host of other well known faces all get a bit frisky and do that whole falling in love thing. Oh and someone ends up with a dick on their face.

Moulin Rouge
Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor do some singing and some sexing. There's a scene with dance dirtier than anything Patrick Swayze's ever been close to that makes me breath heavily. Broody, dark, naughty, tragic, brilliant.

Pretty Woman
Because who doesn't like the idea of wearing thigh-high boots round a five star hotel, getting their own back on bitchy-ass shop assistants and having an array of coloured condoms at their disposal? Plus Julia Roberts looks fucking fantastic. The red cocktail dress scene when Greer snaps the jewllery box shut as she's reaching for the necklace... that smile.. those teeth... that laugh! Major girl crush.

 There we go. By no means a definitive list. All of it trash. Junk food for your eyes. Terrible. Terbbile. Brilliant.

Stay sexy bambinos. x

- Illustration is a J-dawg original. Please don't pinch it. -


  1. All of the yeses to this post. Ahh, A knight's tale and 10 things I hate about you bring back fond childhood mems! And I rewatched Love Actually recently (the holiday season will do that to you) and I forgot how fricken heartwarming it is :')

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. All the feels! I know its all trash really, like fast food for your brain... but hey, everyone loves a cheeseburger right? x

  2. 2 posts in less than a week, you really spoil us, Janna. :D
    Perfect timing for this list. Those crazy hormones asked for some fluffy movies.

    1. Haha. I wish I could do one everyday dude! Jx

  3. 10 things I hate about u - I could quote this movie word for word! Reminds me of girly sleepovers back in the school days and watching it and not getting half the jokes/sex themed moments till my friends and I were much older. Brilliant movie. And it was on e4 on Sunday night as well. Best lines = The English teacher to Joey "Some day ur going to get bitch slapped.......and I'm not going to do a thing to stop it." And the Head teacher/ Heath Ledger scenes - Teacher: "So I hear u were exposing yourself in the cafeteria again?" Heath: "I was joking with the lunch lady, it was a bratwurst." Teacher: " A bratwurst?.......Aren't we the optimist." Heath: Look of confusion/horror. Brilliant film!


    1. I'm a fan of 'Bikers, big ones, full of sperm.' HA! xx

  4. haha brilliant!

  5. Not a fan of How I Met Your Mother as well…neither Two and a half men…hate me for that, but I just don’t like it!
    Sometimes you do just need a trash movie to make you feel better, and I laugh about the stupidest stuff until I start laughing about myself – it has been a long, long day then :D
    Have you watched House of Cards? – I think it’s one of the best (if not the best) things on Netflix – so brilliant!
    Elli X

    1. I did the first episode of house of cards, but I dont think I was in the right mood to watch it... not paying attention and stuff. All I've heard is good things but I just got a little bored. I'll go back to it with a glass of red and my full attention soon, see if I can't try again! Same thing happened with Breaking bad, took me three attempts before I got into it! xxx

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