Sunday, 16 November 2014


Some of you may have read > this post < in which I'm babbling on about my ongoing skin troubles. Well enough was enough and after years of trying everything else under the sun and months of waiting for appointments I've started a pretty scary journey that's hopefully going to result in some serious clean up action. If everyone could please give a warm welcome to my new bezzy mate... ROACCUTANE.

That's right. I'm on it. The nasty one. It's not a decision I took lightly and believe me when I say I had tried all the alternatives, medical, herbal, lifestyle changes, 'miracle' products, everything. It was time to bring in the big boys.

The Science

It is an excessive production of sebum from over active sebaceous glands that causes acne. The sebum mixes with dead skin cells and plugs the skins follicles causing white heads and blackheads. Bacteria that live on the skin (in an otherwise harmless manor, no need to grab the detol!) then sometimes infect the plugged follicles, causing other spotty variations such as cysts, pustules and nodules. YUM.

Roaccutane capsules contain the active ingredient isotretinoin and work by reducing the amount of oil (sebum) produced by the sebaceous glands, suppressing the glands activity and reducing them in size.

The Reason

Phew. Science over. Fun stuff right? Thrilling. Simple. Trouble is that these little pills come with a list of side effects as long as your arm and they aint pretty. I'm not guna list them, just click and have a gander if you want. General conclusion though... Roaccutane is a last resort. Below I've included a couple of pics that hopefully illustrate to you a little bit why I chose to give it a go.

Nice Right? Now please, no judging. Whilst I'm fully aware that there are those out there with acne far 'worse' than my own, for me the battle I'd been waging for years against painful red cysts, nasty white heads and a forehead of pimples was exhausting, upsetting and left me feeling like anything but myself and absolutely reason enough to take the decision to go for it with these pink pilled crazy little fuckers.

The Reaction

Month one down on one 20mg dose a day and no improvement yet. I wasn't expecting any, it can take months to see a real change. What I have had, which cropped up within a few days, is the dry lips. Absolutely standard side effect. Everyone gets it. I now have blistex relief cream hanging about my person at all times and a few dotted in random places about my room/work. If I head out somewhere and some how forget one you bet I'll be making a stop to stock up before doing anything else. It's alright really, manageable, just gotta keep topping that shizzle up. 

The second thing I noticed occurred quickly was a change in my skin type. It's now dry rather than oily. Exactly what's supposed to happen. I know as my course progresses and the dosage increases the dry might end up becoming very dry and maybe painfully dry however currently I keep myself topped up with a decent moisturiser day and night and it's really kinda nice not being super shiny without an hour of cleansing. 

One further thing I've noticed is if I have a beer or something I feel weird. Like crazy weird. Now there's a bunch of speculation on Roaccutane when it comes to alcohol (check the side effects page there's a whole liver issue thang) and consensus is to play it safe and not drink or at least not a lot. Now I like the odd after work beverage, maybe a glass of wine on a friday night, or a damned fine G&T after a difficult day but nothing craaazy. However I had a beer about a week into starting my course and it sent me loopy. No idea what was going on. One beer and I was wrecked. Had to take myself home. Since then I've steered clear of beer and stuck to the odd spirit (oh hey Gin I see you, I do!!!) and I've been fine. Maybe it was nothing maybe it was something. Who knows. My mum always said though 'if you can't be good, be careful.'

That's about it really. Planning to keep you posted month by month on whats occurring and if any of you guys have been on this shizzle I'd love to hear about it! 

Stay wicked chums. Over n' out. xxx

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  1. Chum, first of all, you are incredibly brave and awesome for sharing this. I totally get what a tough decision it must have been and how it is not something to take lightly. But I think that it is absolutely wonderful that you decided to do this for yourself, skin issues can be a bitch. I have personally never been on Roaccutane, but have considered it as it has been proven to work wonders in very small dosages for peeps with uber oily skin *raises hand*, but in the end I never could decide to do it. These days I’m just embracing the shine (within reason). To quote Zoolander (never thought that I would say that) “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty”. Kinda jealous that you don’t shine bright like a diamond an hour after washing your face, which is clearly my case as it is practically summer here in Chile. I really hope Roaccutane works for you and look forward to hearing about your journey.


    1. Thank you so much Elisa. Means a hell of a lot to have your support. It's totally the right decision for me and I know I'm sensible enough to sack the whole thing off if I start to feel that the side effects are outweighing the cause.

      On the shiny shiny front... Have you tried mattifying moisturisers? I've heard wicked things about The Body Shop and Clinique in this area? Never went in for it myself as my skin was soooo sensitive it was just a breakout waiting to happen. Buuuut if you have a more tolerant face then would be worth a go! xxx

    2. Looking into it immediately! Hope you have a lovely week :)

  2. Hi, I have decided that I tell you my story, I have been on this pills. It was maybe 2 years ago (I'm 27 now) and there is my experience.
    I didn't have big issues during treatment, no extra dry skin, no anxious, nothing. Skin was better and better. I was so happy that I have finally beautiful skin. BUT. After treatment my skin was ok for few months, no big deals with acne. But later maybe after six months I have started loose my hair, not like few hair but it was enormous amount of loosing ma hair. I used to have really good quality of hair, dry but strong and thick. More months later it was unacceptable. Hair lost structure, it was like I had feathers on my head and every lost hair was big pain for me (ofc not literally). My skin isn't "perfect" anymore. Now my skin isn't good plus I have lost my hair, although it is a little bit better, but not good at all.
    Really really hope that story will be with happy ending.
    Stay strong, all the best :)

    1. Oh Anni. I'm so sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience. It definitely seems to be one of those drugs that works superbly for some and doesn't agree at all with others. I hope that your hair is regaining strength. Have you thought about taken any supplements or anything like that? Maybe having a look at your diet to see what might help boost the health and shine?

      I'm doing ok so far. Very dry but managing it well and my skin really has responded. I'm almost entirely clear now!

      All my support to you my love! Jx

  3. Good Luck with your treatment! I'm sending all my clearest skin vibes your way-- and THANK HEAVENS you can still have gin! What is life without Hendrick's, I ask you? xx

    1. GOD DAMMIT I LOVE HENDRICKS. p.s. been away for ages I know. I suck. back now though. YAY. x

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I know it's a really personal things and especially on the Internet, people can be so judgemental and mean and offend others which is not a nice thing to do..but I think (and I hope) all of your Readers are lovely eggs that respect you for doing this post.

    I've got an oily skin, too..with weird dryness sometimes, but still shiny and breakouts...never had Problems with my skin as a Teenager and when it suddenly started in my twenties I was confused at first and then angry. I mean, shouldn't that be the age to explore the world, do things and just enjoy life without having any worries - and your skin is punching you right back in the face giving you insecurities you don't need to have but being the fucking sensitive weirdos we are, it does affect us.

    I had so many appointments with the doctors and tried out a hell of a lot creams and stuff (prescribed acne crems and expensive massively disappointing stuff) and cat got my tongue when he diagnosed me with adult acne..i was like 'Why?? Why me? And why now?'
    And like you I'm aware that there are people out there with acne far worse then mine, it still sucks and you want it to just piss off!
    My doctor spoke about Roaccutane but he's not a fan of it, but it's such a flip-flopping thing with my skin, months it's behaving and then times I just want to hide in a corner.
    Maybe it'll be worth a try?

    Being the strong and brave woman you are, Janna (well, at least you appear to be :D), I'm sure you can pull this through and beat that little shit! I wish you all the best for that <3

    Have you found a good moisterizer eventually?

    Lots of love, Elli X

    1. You have no idea how much I enjoyed the phrase 'Lovely Eggs'.

      Ah dude. I think there's a fuck load of us out there who deal with this shit and its still a kind of 'embarressing' issue so we don't all talk about it enough. I mean I do... haha. A lot. To everyone. But that's coz I made the decision too after about a year of struggling and feeling like I was shrinking into myself. A couple of years on and I can meet some one and two seconds later be chatting to them about my ridiculous pills that suck all the moisture outta me and have a list of potential side effects as long as your arm! ha!

      It might be worth a try. I'd just say hit every other option first! Also... BELIEVE. The power of truely believe something will work / help is a huge part of it. I sound like a loon but I really think that's whats been helping me with the roaccutane.

      I have a wicked moisturiser. It's from Eurcerin. The whole range they have targeted at dry skin is freakin' AWESOME.

      Let me know how you get on girl. Head up. Hold that chin high lovely egg. x

  5. Hi Janna,

    I'm on the delightful roaccutane too. I'm on month 2 tho. I've also not seen any changes yet. Some days I look in the mirror and think that there has been a miniscule improvement but I think that's just psychological at this stage! So far I'm coping but the dry lips and skin r not pleasant. So glad I'm not the only one who went a bit crazy after one alcoholic beverage. I am pretty much staying clear of the stuff whilst on this as it sends my body crazy! Learning how to party the sober way! Stay strong my dear. It will hopefully be all worth it in the end. I've been going through this battle with my skin as soon as I hit 20 (weren't we supposed to go through this as teenagers? I'm 25 now. What's with all this adult acne shit?!). Nice to see that there r other people going through this and trying to stay positive (but lets be honest there r days where all we do is cry under our pillows and hide from every mirror with a mug of tea and a bloody huge bowl of mac and cheese to try and make ourselves feel better!).

    Hope the next month goes smoothly for u. U can do this lovely lady. If I can then u definitely can.

    Ally x

    1. Hey Ally,

      How is it going? are you month 4ish now? I kne it'd be a good few month before I saw results so I'm holding out and on and keeping a positive mind set.

      My sober partying is on form... however GIN IS THE ANSWER. A dandy G&T or three and I'm still all good.

      Adult acne is THE WORSE. From what I can tell it's common as fuck too... now one tells ya about then when you're riding the puberty train.... oh yeah guys... those hormal shitty zits you get every once and a while.. well there's a strong chance that when you hit your 20s you're guna be hounded by a load more of the buggers. Dickholes.

      Anyway... Leaving the negativity by the wayside we shall all push forward together!

      Those 'why me?' Mac & Cheese days are allowed... BUT GIRL WE GOTTA STAND UP AND SMILE. Think Clear. Feel Clear. Be Clear. Most of all don't stress.

      It's been a while (Blogging took a back seat in my life due to other commitments) and I'm now ending month 3.... I'm seeing changes, not huge yet but they are there. ITS GOOD!

      Lots of support and love and hugs for you!


    2. Hey Janna!

      Glad u r seeing some slow improvements too. Yeah I'm on month 4 now and I am starting to see more improvements. I think it is a case of holding on and just trusting that this stuff will kick in. Definitely not a miracle worker yet but they do say it takes at least 6 months to see any changes. So I'm guessing that since its been 3-4 months for us and we r seeing tiny improvements then that can only be a positive sign for the future! You are right we need to just stand up and smile and put a brave face on. The whole think positive, be positive attitude!

      And yes GIN IS THE ANSWER! Its the only thing that I can handle without going loopy. Vodka was not the answer. I learned that quickly! Adult acne is a bitch but its good to know there r plenty of people going through it and trying to battle the buggers together haha!

      I'm sending u lots of support and hugs back to u as well. We can do this sister!! Stay strong.

      Ally x

    3. Trust is the key Ally! Believe it will work and it will. I think a positive attitude is key with this sort of thing. You can help heal yourself with a clear mind and a strong sense of 'HELLS YEAH IT'S GUNA WORK!'. haha. Sounds silly but it's true.

      I'm so glad to hear you're almost clear on month 5! AMAZING! I'm nearly there now too. It's incredible.



      So so pleased for you ally. keep me posted on how you are doing and how stuff settles when you come off it and things. I'm sure it'll just be beautiful skin from here out! Jx

  6. Best of luck with the roaccutane course, hope works out for you! My friend was on it 2/3 years ago and has amazing skin now, can even skip foundation most mornings (gahh the dream...)

    Have you tried the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in the pot? It lasts for hours on my lips. The stick is probably a lot more hygienic but its no where near as moisturising. It's a tad pricey for a lip balm but it lasts for agessss!
    Dee x

    1. I looooove the Nuxe Reve de Miel. Damn stuff is just a bit pricey for me. A luxury. I'm going through a tonne of blistex at the moment, but its manageable as its so cheap. haha! Next pay day I might have to make a sneaky purchase though... whats life without a little luxe (or Nuxe!) eh? x