Friday, 21 November 2014

Mac - Brush Cleanser

I clean my make up brushes once a week, sometimes once every few days, to be honest it depends purely on how jam-packed my schedule it. It doesn't take all that long, and I honestly don't mind doing it, sometimes however I need a quick fix and that, my pals, is when a good ol' spot cleanse is the one!

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Some of you may have read > this post < in which I'm babbling on about my ongoing skin troubles. Well enough was enough and after years of trying everything else under the sun and months of waiting for appointments I've started a pretty scary journey that's hopefully going to result in some serious clean up action. If everyone could please give a warm welcome to my new bezzy mate... ROACCUTANE.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Cream Cheese Frosted Vanilla Chai Cup Cakes

S'up Muther Lickers! It's been freaking aaaaaages since I posted anything foody related on here (there's a whole bunch of my recipes over on Nouvelle Daily if you want to take a peek) but after my little couz requested my recipe for Chai Cupcakes I figured I'd post the bloody thing and share the yum to one and all. These cakes are really fucking awesome for fall/winter what with the light chai spice and creamy frosting, aaaaand you can go really cosy cute on the decoration too. Note : Best enjoyed with a proper good brew and a snuggle.


Hey Pals! Apologies for the lack of posts and what not but I was working my ass off in Miami. 
Much ass. Many titties.