Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Soap & Glory - Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner

Im shit at eyeliner. However I wear it pretty much everyday. What ya guna do eh?! Ha! So yeah... Any tool that might even vaguely help when it comes to trying to apply the shizzle I'm keen to give a go and the Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner from Soap & Glory looked pretty promising...

It's not half bad. It's a proper felt tip pen style liner. Not a hugely fine nib but you can get a pretty good flick out of it. Definitely one for those favouring a stronger look though. It's really not easy to get a super fine line with this little guy.

The formula is good, not watery, and the black is true black which prevents that frustrating necessity to go over the same line again and again that you get with some liquid liners. It doesn't budge either which is a big bonus. No smudging here ladies and gents. After around 8 hours or so it might have faded but it won't start moving about your lids and crawling into creases.

My only real bug bear with this stuff is that it seems to me to dry up rather quickly. Not sure if it's that I apply the liner after a primer/base and then that base product transfers to the nib and 'blocks' it or what but these things don't last me an overly long time. At £6 (available from Boots and a bunch of other shindiggles) it's not overly expensive but it's not the cheapest either. If I apply it before my eyeshadow base / primer I inevitably have to reapply as I'll smudge over it with whatever colour I'm using and dull the black. A pickle non?!

But yeah. Overall pretty good I'd say! Certainly my go-to quick fix of a weekday morning. Top tip: if I fuck it up and end up with an uneven line (most days) I just hold the pen so that more of the edge of the nib is touching my lid and apply a sort of mini isosceles triangle over the original line... do you get me? It's easier to even up a slightly bigger swish you see (and less noticeable if they aren't quite symmetrical). If things really go tits up though I just use a Muji thin cotton bud to tidy or smudge some black eyeshadow into my outer corners/crease to its more of a smokey eye than a feline flick.

Stay sexy you sassy cats. LOOOOOVE. xxx 

Bonus picture below of what I had to do to get the swatch shot... Blogging is in no way glamourous people. 
p.s. FYI I was wearing christmas PJ bottoms, a ripped neck (yes I am from flashdance) T-shirt that said 'Salt Solution' (my Dad's old band), fluffy slipper socks and a dressing gown that was tied at my waist but I'd taken off my arms coz
I got too hot. Attractive eh my lovely pals?!


  1. I've heard a lot about this liner! Unfortunately most of S&G's makeup line isn't available here :( That's unfortunate that it dries up quite quickly, I find whenever that happens, I store my pens upside down and the product runs down to the tip. But yeah haha, I loled at your last pic, ahh blogger bts.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Ah that sucks Tasha. I'm always fawning over products I can't easily get my hands on. haha. I do store them upside down sometimes.. I worry about leakage too though. Had a few mishaps in that area! x

  2. Heya!!
    Looks great, though I'm bad with eyeliner, very very bad..there are days when I have to re-do it three times and my eyelids are so red I just stop and go without..but that's a liquid one, haven't tried felt-tip ones.

    Is it easy to remove?

    Yay for the last pic :D And thumbs up for Christmas pj's and fluffy socks (get's on as soon as I get into the flat :D)

    Elli X

    1. I'm rubbish with the liquid ones. I find this far easier to use. It's easy to get off yeah. Eyemake up remover or bioderma or any sort of makeup removing face wash/oil does it just fine. Its not waterproof so budging pretty easily when you're attempting to crawl into bed on a friday night haha.