Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Rimmel - Wake Me Up Concealer

Coz I ain't plannin' on going solo... YEAH. SING IT GEORGE!


Anyway... As far as concealers go... I'm not overly adventurous. Truth of it is I jumped on the Collection - Lasting Perfection train along with every other Tom, Dick n 'Arry and didn't get off again. With a face as problematic as mine when it comes to finding base products that don't worsen breakouts or slide off within the hour is a bit of a miracle and I don't have the time or money to be dropping dough on offerings from luxury brands. I'd like to.. don't get me wrong. I just can't really. *stares longingly at Nars, Dior and Chanel counters*.

However the odd high street offering does occasionally catch my eye and the Wake Me Up Concealer from Rimmel did just that.

I have pretty prominent eye baggys and whilst the Collecting - Lasting Perfection concealer does cover them I figured maybe something a little more targeted towards brightening might be better suited. Rimmel's whole Wake Me Up range is supposed to have an 'anti-fatigue' effect and you know what? It kinda does!

Swatchy Swatchy. Can ya see it? Can ya? Punk.

Whilst the foundation in even the lightest shade was just a bit too orange/dark for me it seems that the lightest concealer is a pretty spot on colour match. Yay! I apply it in a 'V' shape under my peepers and blend in (gently!!!) with a clean finger. Takes all of two seconds and really does make a difference. Maybe it's all in my brain box but I feel like there is a definite difference between the Rimmel - Wake Me Up and the Collection - Lasting Perfection, Wake Me Up doesn't just cover it lifts the whole area in terms of brightness. Also the formula is a little less heavy than Lasting Perfection, but still with great coverage of those dark circles. It feels more comfortable, less cakey.

Two points I would mention are 1) I find that to prevent this creasing slightly its best to set it with a super light dusting of translucent powder. Just a quick sweep and you're sorted. Aaaaaaand 2) I wouldn't use this on spots really. Whilst is covers the buggers it also sort of highlights them... only slightly, and again it's probably all in my head but I stick to using this under my eyes only for fear of being victim to that excellent  'HEY LOOK AT WHAT I'VE TRIED TO COVER UP' scenario we're all just so damned fond of.

There ya go anyway. I like it. Decent under eye coverage. If you've got craaaaazy dark circle then you might need something a bit thicker but for all of you with a sort of normal level of jeepers zombie peeper creepers this stuff is spot on.

Available all over the place. Usually grab mine from Boots - £5.49.
Chin up and look out for lampposts. xxx


  1. Heh, I put some Wham lyrics as my title in my review of the Wake me Up foundation! I liked the foundation some time last year but don't really reach for it anymore. I've been curious about this concealer, but considering my dark circles aren't bad at all, I've never seen the need for a specifically brightening concealer! Tha blemishes are where the concealer's at.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. If it aint broke dont fix it pal! Stick with your blemish obliterators! haha.

      Foundation was just too dark for me. I looked vaguely like an anaemic carrot. x

  2. I am a concealer junkie. Always have been always will be. I must admit I do really really like the newish Nars one, its awesome. It brightens under the eyes but is also great for concealing on the face (without highlighting the area). I have always been intrigued by the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as everyone seems to love it. Wish they sold it outside of the UK! The Maybelline Fit Me concealer is also quite nice!

    1. I'd love to try the Nars creamy concealer! One day I shall! One day!

      Not delved into the fit me yet. I have got a foundation hiding somewhere I'm hoping to bust out once my skin's looking better though. x

  3. I really liked the foundation..haven't used that lately now I think about it..Need to again.
    Haven't tried the concealer yet, cause The Collection one is ma favv!!
    I'm eyeing up the Nars Creamy Concealer but I just can't get myself spending that much money for something that's gonna be as good (or bad??) as highstreet concealers. Made the mistake once in buying the BB Corrector - I have to admit, I did like it at first, but it got so cakey and just errgghh.

    One question as you wrote something about that in the post:

    If you have to go barefaced (really dark circles or spots) or with a face you can clearly see you tried to cover it up and it's just too much - what would you do (getting Ghetto-City-High-Style :DD)?

    Elli X

    1. I've only heard good things about the Nars concealer. MAybe see if you can grab a sample? Try before you buy and all that!

      ANSWER: GET UP OFF ME FEET... haha... no...

      I'd do barefaced I think. Though that's easy to say. I'm pretty good about piling on slap around my potmarked icky face and making it look okish. not natural by any means but acceptable. But if I had to choose then barefaces. Ain't no one got time for an inch of foundation and highlighted spots. x

  4. I am now having wonderful visions of Zoolander and his model pals spraying gasoline all over themselves and drinking orange mocha frappuccinos! Hah, too good! x

    Alright babe, I have a very amateur question to ask you! How do you apply your concealer? Do you put the top parts of the 'V' at each corner of your eyes? And then, do you blend up? Down? To the sides? I am so beginner at face make up and struggle with concealer! Even when I try to apply it, I still feel like I've got sunken zombie lids, which are not cute! I've tried a Covergirl product and one a friend recommended (Hard Candy) but I feel like they just don't work well with my slumpy under-eyes!

    Glad to see the blog is back up and running well! Keep up the good work lovely! xx

    -Christine <3

    1. Not amateur at all fruitcake! To be honest I think concealer is a person by person thang. I tend to do a mini v right in the middle of my bags and then pat really lightly with my ring finger out from the middle to the edges. Something brighting will be better than just a normal blemish concealer if you are eliminating walking dead baggys.

      An option with more coverage is the Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector. Really wicked for persistent dark circles. Try adding a flesh-toned liner on your bottom waterline to help brighten and open eyes too! or even white if your feeling little adventurous!


  5. The Soap & Glory trick & treatment one is fantastic for under the eyes, makes you look like you've had 18 hours of sleep when you're running on mere minutes and a load of coffee, its slightly shimmery, which is the only downside as I tend to go for a very matte look but you can only really notice the simmer when you're using a 10x magnifying mirror, it doesn't even look shimmery in the tube, but the formula is lovely, and the coverage is amazing, it doesn't look cakey, and since my skin is always so dry, (Canadian winters...) most concealers tend to look rather cakey on my skin. been loving this recently!