Friday, 24 October 2014

Rimmel - Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss

I'm a bit shit with lipstick. It's the effort. Lip liner, touch ups, a need for a delicate hand. There's a lot of upkeep involved. Also...not being a person blessed with general grace and poise I'm likely to end up swiping my hand across my mouth and transferring the damned stuff onto my forehead or something stupid like that. However....

.... I've been paying a whole lot of attention to my lips recently due to starting a course of Roaccutane and therefor suffering with the inevitable conversion from normal human to walking dessert. As well as slapping the blistex on every two seconds, I've actually had a few lippy wearing days. It suddenly hasn't seemed like such a pain in the posterior to dab a bit of colour on now and then, not when I'm desperately rehydrating every half an hour anyway.

Hidden away in my rather modest collection of pout enhancing products was this little number by Kate Moss for Rimmel. I'd totally forgotten I even owned this shade (32) , no idea why because it's bloody GORGEOUS.

A sort of peachy nude with a very slight orange undertone and this stuff is magical I swear. I shove it on and it's like my whole face brightens slightly. I guess it just works well with my complexion or something but honestly I freakin' looooove this colour.

The formula is kind of so so in my opinion. Not overly drying, not highly moisturising. Stays on for a while under normal circumstances but needs reapplying after drinking / eating for sure. The whole 'lasting finish' thing doesn't ring overly true in my opinion. Also worth noting that if my lips have succumbed to the terrible ways of Roaccutane and chapped, even slightly, then this stuff is a no go. It sits in the lines and looks icky. Blurgh.

But yeah. The colour dudes. It's just amazing. I'm in love.

I haven't been able to find this particular shade (number 32) on Boots online buuuuut it is in most Boots physical stores that have a decent sized Rimmel counter. On the whole it actually seems to be a harder shade to find online but I did locate the little sucker on Superdrug -  ( £5.49 )

For those of you with a normal level of moisture in the mouth framing area with a paler skin tone I'd say go swatch the shit outta this one and see what you think.

Itt'ssss aaaa niiiice! xxx


  1. That is such a gorgeous shade! I have a couple of the matte ones, and the bright pink one and I do really love them all. The formula is really great and non drying, I find the deeper colours last really well on the lips. And dude, ain't nobody got time for lip liner!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Haha. Lip liner is a no no unless i'm doing a red lip and have time to spare. Otherwise I'd rather be drinking a gin ;)

  2. I've never gravitated towards lipsticks but trying something out has been on my mind for a while.
    This shade looks stunning but I can't find its name/number in your review - am I blind? If so, sorry. I'd be thankful if you gave me a hint which exact colour it is.
    Btw. I don't wear tons of make-up (I actually don't use foundation at all). I get a weird impression that wearing something on my lips (apart from a lip balm) doesn't look really good... Do you think I should give it a try nevertheless? Make-up-wise I use a moisturiser, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner & mascara. I'd appreciate your advice. Thanks!


    1. You wern't being blind. I was being stupid! It's shade number 32! You can totally wear lipstick even if you aren't wearing foundation. Nude / natural shades are easier to wear, but girl if you wanna do a red lip you damn well do a red lip! I'm sure it'll look stunning. There' no rules you need to abide by. If you aren't sure then borrow a friends lippy and try it out at home one day. See how you feel. x

  3. It does really look lovely! I find it always hard to find the "perfect nude" for you (blue, beige, pink, orange-toned..whatever) to not look dead or ill.
    Don't even own a liner...I'm not going for bright colours though, not brave enough and it'll go everywhere - that actually happened to me, as you've described and I ended up looking like the Joker - not fun (for me)..
    And I hate that you'll always have the marks on the glass..

    Have you tried the L'Oréal Rouge Caresse lipsticks? They're quite sheer and moisterizing.

    Hope your lips and skin get better (and you're feeling better :))

    Elli X

    1. I've got a couple of super bright numbers, only ver wear them abroad... like for some reason that's acceptable? haha!

      I've got a couple of the Rouge Caresse! Rebel Red and Tempting Lilac, I love the latter but the shade dosen't sit right with my skintone which is a bummer.

      Fingers crossed on the skin and thank you for the well wishes. xxx