Sunday, 5 October 2014

Korres Sensitive Skin Body Cream

You know when products work... like they do what they are supposed to. Purpose fulfilled and all that... but they just don't do it in a way you enjoy... WELL HELLO THERE...

I was excited to try some shizzle out from Korres. Widely renowned for being 'affordable luxury' skincare I've been curious about their skin/body care ranges for a while so when a lovely pal of mine presented me with the brands Mountain Tea & Betaine sensitive skin body cream and lip product (review to come) I came over sort of giddy.

No wonder I swooned, I mean look at that packaging. Just look at it. Simple, inviting, clean. That lovely sort of bright duck egg blue on cream, with a grid, A GRID PEOPLE. I don't know why but it just gets me. Speaks to the hard core designer that still lurks somewhere inside I guess.

So yes. excitement, excitement. I was half way through a bottle of my trusted Aveeno Daily shiz but couldn't wait to try this out and slapped it on one morning after a shower and a shave.

It's great. Really fuckin' great. Sinks in easily and is absorbed without any greasy residue. Damned hydrating stuff and the moisture lasts all day. Wonderful. One problem though. BLOODY STINKS.

No joke. I popped this on and kind of got a bit confused about a strange smell that enveloped the room a few minutes later. Sort of vaguely like damp clothes or something. It was so strong that my other half commented on it. Not cool man. NOT COOL. I don't wanna be wondering round this big wide world with legs that make people wrinkle their snouts. I mean it's not an awful smell but it's not bloomin' well nice!

Argh. Well it fades after a while. So if you are using this at night or very first thing in the morning and not heading out for a bit then you'll be ok. Honestly though... I hate it. Really not a fan at all. Might just be preference but yeah... Blurgh.

Its brilliant stuff. It just reeks. I'm using it up of course. Waste not want not. I'm just picking my moments. Bracing myself for the funky odour moments. Scented oil burning, perfuming spritzing type moments. Shove a couple of coffee beans up my nostrils kinda moments. Someone hand me clothes peg. Pleeeeease.

So there we go pals. Available all over the shop, easily found online at the normal haunts, if you're into slightly sniff inducing products then it seriously is a good moisturiser.
Usually £10 or so. Good luck! xxx
 Suitable for those with no sense of smell. 

Sorry Korres!!! x


  1. I totally get the not liking a product even though I does what its supposed to do. I quite like the Korres Lip Butter but I HATE having to stick my finggies in the pot. It grosses me out and is so inconvenient when you are on the go. Oh well, you can't love all products.

    1. I have the lip butter! Guava. Funnily enough Im not keen on the smell of that either. Dammit. haha. x

    2. Maybe Korres is not for you? So, totally off topic ( I don't know why the bottle reminded me about it), have you seen The Grand Budapest Hotel? If you have not, you must! Its all kinds of awesome. Wes Anderson being brilliant as always, and the design/graphics/aesthetics are simply incredible.
      Hope you are having a good week so far!

    3. Huge Wes A. fan.

      I like other Korres products... maybe its just that scent eh? we'll see!

    4. He is a brilliant human

  2. Damn that it's stanky! I think the scent would get to me too if it lingered slight - especially in a body cream which you slather alll over yourself! It sounds like a really nice moisturiser though I think I'm a bit superficial and would pick scent over effectiveness! Also yaaas, love that packaging.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. STANK! HAMBONE! (badly dubbed NFL... look it up!)

      Yeah its not the best thing in the world. I shoved it on this morning before pulling my tights on and leaving the house and it was fine. it's just if you're guna be bare legged and in and enclosed space I'd avoid it! x