Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cutex - Nourishing Nail Polish Remover

Some products in my stash are often overshadowed by others when it comes to reviews and blog posts, they remain forgotten, replaced by sparkling highlighters and jewel toned lipsticks in pretty packaging all wrapped up in promises and dreams.  But I say rise up to these ignored items. Take the stage. Bask in the glory and glow of the internet. Feeeeeeel the eyes of readers all over the world caressing you with their eyes, adding you to their baskets, lusting after your luscious curves and marvelling at your practicality.

...ah shit that got weird didn't it?

I was trying to introduce a nail polish remover in an enticing and exciting manner... ended up kinda Braveheart. Oops.

Without further ado let us speak for a moment about Cutex Nourishing Nail Polish Remover. I say a moment because all there really is to say about this wonderful stuff is that its pretty much perfect.

At £1.60 for 100ml this shit is cheaper than chips and it's fucking wicked. Doesn't dry out my nails, makes light work of even super dark polish and one bottle lasts a pretty long time. I've tried various own brands, and played about with products like the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover and nothing comes close. With supermarket and drugstore brands I'd be scrubbing at each nail for aaaages and there wasn't a hope in hell of going anywhere near glitter, even with the ol' soak a cotton pad and wrap your talon in tin foil trick. Just a nuh uh. Whilst products like the Bourjois remover would be fine at first, after a couple of finger pokes with a deep burgundy or bright blue I'd be using a cotton pad soaked in good ol' Cutex to try and return my flesh to it's normal hue after it came out stained. Might as well have saved myself the effort (and slightly odd icky feeling of sticking my percys and pinkys in wet sponge) and started with the Cutex from the beginning.

So yeah. I love it. Really really love it. I've always got a couple of bottles stashed away for fear of being without it and I think I'd be hard pushed to find anything better with a similar price tag.

All hail the Cutex! 
Turn around touch the ground and see you later snitches. xxx


  1. a bit weird, like you wanted to write an erotic novel..:D
    Where did you get it from? Haven't seen it in my local Boots? It's so hard to find a good remover, I tried so many and they never play up to what they claim and leave my nails and cuticle dry as the desert, they even start to chip-ok, that was probably tmi..
    It seems a bit too good to be true (I can't take my eyes off of you...ok I'll stop now, I'm in an surprisingly good mood today :D)
    Heads up, and till next time :)
    Elli X
    P.S.: One question: Which twitter-account can I use to tweet you: the l_tesselate one or your private?

    1. Who doesn't want to write an erotic novel?!

      Yeah Boooooots! it's available online and I've found it in a bunch of stores.

      L_tessellate is the best one. I'm trying to get into using it more. Just so forgetful! haha.

      Stay wicked. x

  2. Ahahaaa, I loved the intro. Seriously that descriptive writing though. Masterpiece. I've used the Sally Hansen remover for years and it's okay, it's acetone free which I like but really takes forever with glittery shades. I will have to check this guy out!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Is it awful that I just can't be arsed with acetone free remover? I'm all about speed when it comes to nails! The acetone free version of cutex I'm not so sure on. I have used it previously but not for years. Let me know how you get on if you do go for it! Jx

    2. I’m with Janna on this one. Ain’t nobody got time for acetone free remover. Can you tell patience isn’t one of my strong points?