Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish - Soft & Gentle

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle was one of the products that for months called to me from every blog, beauty column and Mac counter under the sun. It's a cult classic. It's renowned. It's caused waves throughout the beauty world and divided houses, cities, NATIONS. Ok. Maybe not. It's just pretty well known right?


Lets get down to business before I go off on a Shakespearian style ramble at you shall we...

Look at it. It's so puuurdy. George. *anyone?*

This gorgeous peachy, slightly champagne-like, warm toned highlighter has had many a female friend how it is I've given myself a glow of an evening. I do say evening because for me (being super pale) it isn't quite subtle enough to use day to day. Don't get me wrong, it's not 'in your face' by any means and I wouldn't start throwing the word 'glitter' around, but there is enough of a metallic sort of sheen to keep me clear of it if I'm just at my desk or trudging round the streets of merry ol' London taan'. If I'm out and about of a Saturday, attending Galas and Lunchons (HA! YEAH RIGHT) or something then I'd go for it for sure, be a litter bolder, however in general this is a 5pm onwards sort of product for me. Those of you lovely lot with a darker or warmer complexion could probably get away with this day to day though and it'll pretty much all skin types with the subtle rose gold hue and brightening lustre.

Application wise I tend to use my Real Techniques Blush Brush (cheapest I've found this is via Amazon unless boots have some sort of deal going) to pop the little sucker on the tops of my cheek bones and sometimes down the bridge of my nose. I find it picks up just the right amount of product with one light swoosh across the pan. Denser brushes might start piling it on to the tune of David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust days. A look best avoided unless you're at Bestival.

Honestly it's bloody lovely. It's pricey at £23, but you do get 10g of product and it lasts for fookin' aaaaaages as you seriously only need a tiny amount to make a big impact. Having tried a bunch of cheaper highlighters from various drugstore ranges and high-street names nothing really comes close to this for me. Everything else is too cold, too boldly gold or shifting into sort of glittery purple territory, resulting in making me look for space cadet disco ball than sexual mysterious Goddess.

Quick note : The Mineralize skinfinish collection from Mac offers up both a range of matte finishing powders (in a wide variety of natural shades) as well as the small collection of highlighters. I'm not a fan of powder in general, it collects around my crevices (oo-err) or combines with the sweat / oil on my nose / chin and makes my foundation go all patchy. If I'm not wearing powder and my make up decides to slide about a bit I can use a clean finger to smudge it back into place, but if I've powdered my mug before hand then I just end up taking it all off and looking like a foundation dalmatian! Bad times.

Ramble Ramble. Bloody Hell. 'Quick note' HA!

Aaaanyway, I just wanted to say I've heard and read very positive things about the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural collection. So if you are looking for a setting powder then it might well be worth doing a bit of research and checking out a few reviews as it could be a damned good option.

Goodbyyyye my lovers, goodbyyyye my friiiiends... xxx have been the one, you have been the one for me.

(Been in my head for days. DAYS.)

(( I don't even like James Blunt.))

(((Well I mean, I like him, he seems nice enough, I'm just not a real fan of the music.)))

((((Sorry James.))))


  1. Oh man, this guy has been on my wishlist for years, YEARS I TELL YOU. I've never succumbed though because the price inflation for MAC is RIDICK over here, like double the price (or something exorbitant). She is a stunner though. I feel like it /would/ last fo-eva though especially because it's domed and everything, and you only need a teeny lil' bit. One day I'll get my hands on this sucker!

    (I have to agree about James Blunt, haha!)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. If you can find it anywhere for normal price then totally go for it! Double is too much though. Woah there on that inflation! Don't tell James. xxx

  2. Was that an Of Mice And Men reference?

  3. Could you please stop getting me hooked on things?? I think there's a MAC order arriving soon...oops...
    I had the Sleek Contour Kit and I didn't like the Highlighter in there..
    Do you have Moonbeam or the mememe dupe of that? I'd really like to try that, but I'm not sure about liquid highlighters.
    Elli X

    1. haha! Sorry Elli! ENABLER!

      I feel like highlighters a bloody tricky. I brought one from make up academy that's positively purple and another from topshop thats like an orange gold. ick.

      No to both moonbeam and mememe. Never been all that enamoured by the stuff.

      Liquid highlighter wise I should be doing a post soon on one i'm testing at the mo. Eyes peeled. xxx