Thursday, 25 September 2014

Blistex Relief Cream

LADS LADS LADS. Listen up. ^^^^ That stuff up there. It's good. 

Freakin' ace with top marks actually. Good ain't doing this little wonder justice. Blistex Relief Cream is an absolute saviour when my lips are feeling a little dry or the weather sets in and winter starts biting all viscous and mean. I actually love winter. With a passion. Layers people! LAAAAYERS! Cosy fires and hot toddys and scarves and.. and... Oh sweet Jebus it's nearly here! 


Shit right ok... That escalated quickly. Back to business....

This stuff is a firm favourite of mine. I have little tubes of it stashed all over the place, hand bag, bedside, makeup bag, boyfriends, work, I will not be without it. I refuse! With excellent reason.
An initially white cream that's officially a 'medicine' for cold sores/chapped lips (you have to be 16+ to buy it)  the relief cream has a really minty smell/taste/effect. You get that sort of slight tingly cold feeling when you first apply it, which personally I love but if anyone isn't a mint fan then maybe steer clear. I say it's initially white because it really is, but you only need a tiny amount and as long as you spend a second or two making sure you've rubbed it in then you're all gravy.
The lasting finish on your smackers is a wonderfully moisturised subtle shine. Not in a lipglossy sticky way, more like you've just got the dewiest most hydrated lips that ever there were... type thing.
It lasts for ages too. Ok if you eat a bunch of food and drink a shit load of coffee then reapplying would be advised but it's still kinda there even if you don't. For sleepy times I do one normal layer all rubbed in and nice and then follow up with a big thick 'still see the white of the cream' layer and come morning it's still there. Still lovely and moisture filled and yummy. Plump perky lips first thing in the AM is a double thumbs up from me.

Only downside is that the tube is like some sort of live ammo. Handle with extreme care. One false move and it'll come spiralling outta the end and go everywhere. It's fine once it's a little less full but to begin with you just need the lightest of touches to squidge a bit out. Gently does it people!

Oh n' it's only £2.65 from Boots! WHOOP! xxx


  1. Haha, lovely post! I much prefer Winter too - Summers down here are UNBEARABLE. I still haven't come across a lip balm the actually heals up my chapped/super dry flaky lips, so I may have to give this a go! (thank goodness I'm over 16, lols!)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. This stuff is THE BOMB. Slap it on there at night is my advice. Goes fine under lipsticks etc during the day if you rub it in properly but come the evening really gloop those lips up! x

  2. COMFY SOCKS!!! COMFY SOCKS!!! I luurve more sweating and clothes stick to the Body...
    I'll try that, loving After Eight that should be totally fine with me. Bought the NUXE Rêve de Miel for last winter cause everybody raved about it, didn't love had Kind of a citrus taste and quite sticky and didn't really last Long..
    Why do all hyped products don't work for me??? *crying in a corner*
    I hope the Roccutane works and you don't experience any side effects :)
    Elli X
    P.S.: I tweeted (?) you an article about Britney Spears and the 'Stronger' Video (Just got twitter-Hello 21st century!!:D)

    1. Nuxe I absolutely loooooove for the day time but it's real pricey and I've a feeling I'm going to be going through a hell of a lot of the stuff in the next few months.

      Cheers for the Roaccuntane love. I'm sure if I'm careful I'll be ok! I saw the stronger article. Hilarious! Music videos are one of my favourite sources of nonsense! haha! x