Monday, 30 June 2014


Image Source : Motel Rocks  

Guys... have we spoken about Banks yet? No? MY BAD!

Hopefully a bunch of you already know about this gorgeous, wondrous human being, if not, listen the fuck up. This girl is powerful, glorious and as beautiful and fantastic in person as she seems (I have this on very good authority). Also I saw this wicked woman of awesome live at Coachella and DAMN. Shiver central.

Here's a couple of my favourites. Go listen, love, spotify or bloomin' well head to itunes and support the musical industry muther lickers.

'This is What it Feels Like' Available on - London EP = £1.99

'Before I Ever Met You' Available on - Fall Over EP = £2.49 
*side note - remix of this is sexy - check that shit out.*

Catch ya on the flipside. xxx


  1. Hi Janna,

    I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog!! It's so refreshing that you're very honest about all of your acne struggles and recommend particular products or musicians! And you are a fantastic writer as well! You're incredibly relatable, witty and so fucking funny!! Ironically enough, I was listening to the goddess that is Banks when I scrolled down and saw this post in your blog. Absolutely adore her! Anyways, thanks so much for writing these posts. They definitely entertain me! xx


    ps~Here was the song I was listening to! Too amazing not to share!

    1. Ah Christine you total babe and a half! I'm currently wrapped up in a blanket with my head resting on a billion cushions so it's propped up enough to be able to see this screen and watch Breaking Bad at the same time because last nights fun and games has lead to a right royal hangover (not helped by having to be up early to get on with a bunch of work) and your comments absolutely made my day! - sorry about the long sentence, my grasp of the english language goes out the window when i'm nackered.

      Banks is wicked right?! Post coming soon but check out the song 'gooey' by Glass Animals. It's my number one 'HIT THE REPEAT' track at the moment. x

  2. My oh my do you have an incredible taste in music. I just recently got into her music actually because of Dan Smith's endless gabbing about her, for which I am incredibly grateful. I preordered her album just as soon as I heard the first few tracks and I have not been able to stop listening to it for the past few weeks. I wanted to know if you perhaps had any other suggestions as far as music like this, I definitely need an update on my music library and thought of no better person for input than a music guru like you.
    Your blog is awesome, keep it up! Xx

    1. Cheers Hannah but I ain't no music guru! My taste is highly eclectic, it reaches far and wide. You should be in my house on a weekend. My bezzy mate and myself can often be found wailing (well wailing in my case as she an actually sing) away to Dolly Parton, Cher and Celine Dion.

      No real suggestions come to mind. Keep an eye out though. I stick up music posts every so often as I remember / come across things. x

    2. Man, what a dream it would be to wail along with you. It is actually quite a hobby of mine to dance (more like flail) around my house blaring music. I feel like we would have a pretty good time in your house on a weekend.

      My music taste is quite eclectic as well! Have you heard of Sylvan Esso or Phantogram? I've been listening to these a lot recently and find them really enjoyable at 100% volume lol

      I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for future music posts though! Thank you for responding, you're lovely!

    3. Haven't heard of either of those! I'll by googling the shizzle out of them asap for sure. Careful of your little lug holes with that 100% volume. I'm constantly getting told off about ruining my hearing because I like things loud. haha! x

    4. Yeah for sure let me know what you think! Phantogram is more on the electronic side that I've been liking recently, and they're really genuine people too. Their song "Black Out Days" is my favorite. Sylvan Esso is really different and I have no clue how to categorize her music; it's unlike anything I have heard. I hope you like them both!

      And yeah, I have a feeling I will highly regret my choices regarding volume in the future. Just sometimes it's almost necessary to have that bass so loud you feel it in your bones, ya know?

  3. Loving her at the moment. And she seems like the LOVELIEST person ever. Its all about lovely people


    2. She is just incredible. I hope I get to see her live someday. Kinda jealous that you got to see her at Coachella. . Was it amazing? Was it insanely hot? I’ve always wanted to go, but the idea of that heat just terrifies me. I guess I will just have to stick the Lollapalooza for now (yes, Chile now has Lollapalooza), which is actually quite nice as it is during the end of summer so it not that hot. Anywho love Banks, and can’t wait for her album to be released. Any other music recommendations are greatly appreciated.

  4. Got every song. She's got an insanne voice xx