Sunday, 1 December 2013


* Ladies and Gents, Gents and Ladies. Before this quick festive post on something very dear to my heart, the legendary christmas jumper, I feel as though you all deserve an explanation.
 It has been months since my last post, it's likely that you won't hear from me again until new year and I'm aware that I sort of just buggered off without warning. Well my lovely lot you have my sincerest apologies. Being the wonderful types of human beans that you are I'm sure that when I simply state my reasoning for this disappearance as 'LIFE' you'll understand. I've missed this world and I've got so much to share with you, but recently my little Let's Tessellate has had to take a seat so far back it's pretty much been in the boot. Come 2014 I hope to be back up and running. Possibly even with a few videos coming your way (you have been warned). Stay tuned pals. Arnie had it spot on... *


CHRISTMAS! Hells yeah! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Cold outside, cosy inside, layers, chunky knits, hot chocolates (and hot toddys ;) ), twinkle lights, pretty presents and mulled wine. I bloody love it. It's not even christmas day itself that I get excited about, it's the festive season in general. The cold sets in, the lights go up and something in the air changes. Christmas brings out the best in people. Alright not everyone (I've met my fair share of scrooges and been the wrong side of a retail counter when the last One Direction CD has left the shelf and damn it ain't pretty), in general though christmas brings joy, and smiles, and happiness, and JUMPERS!

The christmas jumper. King of knitted garments. My collection is becoming somewhat extensive. I just can't help myself. There's something so utterly heart warming about curling up on the sofa with a nice cuppa, 'Love Actually' and a giant snowman splashed across your chest.

So here's my pick of this years crop. River Island's colourful offering would look great teamed with a simple white tee or vest and some black jeans / disco pants. It's the perfect pullover for zooming around on an ice rink or making an impact at the office party!

For me watching 'Home Alone' at least once every year is petty much gospel and the second I spotted this filthy animal on BooHoo I couldn't hit the check out button fast enough. It's the Christmas jumper with attitude and it's my new favorite thing. Guaranteed to raise a smile from any 90's kid.

This reindeer emblazoned number from Asos was my other guilty purchase this season. The most traditional of the four and just plain gorgeous. It's really comfy and chunky, the fit is loose but not frumpy, it won't make you look boxy and it's lovely and warm.

Last but not least is what I guess you could say is the least 'in your face' Christmas and most versatile of the bunch. I'm not usually into bows, or sequins for that matter, but Topshop got it right with this red and white combo. It's feminine, elegant and a a little more chic than having a jolly fat man with a beard staring out from your bosom.

There you go lovelies. Just a quick run down of my favorite festive knits. It's now officially December which means the christmas jumper's reign can begin without objection (though I may have started injecting the odd one into my daily outfits mid-november.. opps!). Put that jumper on, grab a mince pie, shove 'Elf' on the tellybox and snuggle down to scour amazon for those final few presents. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


  1. Love your blog !! Wish you posted more but I suppose you're pretty busy... Anyways, reading your blog is so refreshing, I like the honesty with which you tackle your hair/skin/boob issues...! Just know you have a faithful reader in France xxx

    1. Thank you so much! Its lovely to know that I've got any readers, let alone some international lovelies!

      I'm planning to get back to business ASAP. A New Year and a new start. So watch this space ;) xxx

  2. Hi,

    Love the blog and how you write honestly! Cannot wait for the videos!! Xxx

    Check out our blog for music interviews, news and reviews:)

    1. So good to hear that you enjoy my sometimes blunt approach to things! haha! I reckon everyone benefits from a little less airbrushing around the facts a few more close ups eh? x

  3. Hey! How are you?
    I have a question. How old are you? Because you look really young!

    1. My mother always taught me never to ask a ladies age ;) x