Tuesday, 17 September 2013


The Beginning

On Friday the 13th of September I attended my first ever LFW show and launch party. PINGHE

It was the opening day of London fashion week and I had to speed home after my 9-5 and turn myself from plain jane to ab fab in less than an hour. Not an easy feat I assure you.

I kicked off my jeans and T-shirt, pulled on a long black skirt, a black lace crop top and my trusted leather jacket (outfit post to follow) and stepped out into the drizzle.

Official Catwalk Photographs provided by Goodley PR.


You know sometimes a collection will catch your eye, and suddenly you find yourself lusting after every single item? Desperately working out how to finance such a dream, 'maybe if I eat noddles for the next three months and don't leave me flat..?'

One of those collections.Yeah.


As my black umbrella joined the many others surrounding the entrance to Freemasons Hall, a few Paparazzi were on hand to snap the likes of Helen George, Olivia Hallinan (wearing PINGHE), Mary

Charteris (wearing PINGHE), Poppy Delevingne (wearing PINGHE) & Laura Whitmore.

Once the FROW were seated the more lowly of us among the crowd filled in, and I was lucky enough to be seated in the second row with a fantastic view of the whole catwalk.


The Collection

The house lights dimmed, the catwalk suddenly illuminated and with the appearance of the first black and white clad beauty I knew it was love.

PINGHE is a wonderful example of clean lines, perfect tailoring and a mastering of materials. A combination of 'butter-soft' leather and lace detailing over structured silhouettes teemed with my new number one most coveted shoe, a perplex silver block / kitten heel, created looks that were elegant, strong and timeless.

The make up was a stunning reflection of the collection. A dewy soft white finish, focused around the eyes, juxtaposed by jet black lips adorned with a central vertical diamante stripe. The beehived hair was structured but teased, both firm and soft, the front freely dashed with black or white, while the back had one central thick and precise line rising from the nape of the neck up.

Everything about the PINGHE show was a gorgeous harmonising of strength and vulnerability. Read more about the inspiration for the collection below in my interview with Ping He herself.

A couple of images from my viewpoint in row two. Just look at that hair! Incredible.





Spring/Summer 2014

Stylist: Rebekah Roy

Hair: Bill Watson & The TONI&GUY Artistic Team.
Products supplied by label.m

Make Up:
Jo Sugar & Team
Sponsored by The Body Shop

Ping He wearing her own 'STELLA' design.


The FROW: Helen George, Olivia Hallinan (wearing PINGHE), Mary Charteris (wearing PINGHE), Poppy Delevingne (wearing PINGHE) & Laura Whitmore.


The Interview

I was lucky enough to be able to whip behind the Catwalk post show and interview the gorgeous Ping He!  Much like her collection, He is beautiful, elegant and an incredibly inspiring.

The collection and your signature style are said to derive from your love of architecture. How did this passion come about?

My mothers is a very good fine artist. She really inspires me, she's not famous, but she is always original. She encourages me to do things which are original. Don't follow behind other people, look to your own life and draw from experiences that belong to you. That's one of the main thoughts I carry with me always.

I started painting at 5 years old, so the step into fashion was quite easy for me. It's not like I was struggling, due to the fie art, the painting and also chinese painting it was a natural progression for me.

I love architecture, not necessarily the construction, more the shape. I find that, if you use it well, it really collaborates with a woman's natural curve. I want my woman to look fragile but have a strength inside. Almost like a matured girl, desired by men but respected by women. Thats the sort of woman I design for.

Is this juxtaposition between fragile a strong the reasoning behind the monochrome nature of the collection?

Yes. The feminine and fragile but with inner strength inside. My woman will attempt the impossible, but only she herself knows how much she tries, it's not an aggressive approach to life, it's strength.

Why choose to launch in London?

We have done shows in Vancover and Beijing, but the studio is in London, the base is here. We've always wanted to do a show here, and this is our greatest market.


The Launch Party

Mary Charteris provided the soundtrack to the evening while the guests sipped on signature PINGHE white peach bellinis or prosecco and trays of silver spoons housing delightfully curious canap├ęs circulated and the room. The party was every bit the classy affair you'd expect of a fashion week do, without being stuffy and formal, everyone was simply having fun and enjoying themselves, and rightly so eh?

Mary Charteris & Poppy Delevingne


I'd love to know what you think of the PINGHE collection! Please let me know in the comments below. Is it just me lusting after every single item? Would anyone else consider performing dubious acts to get their hands on those damned near perfect shoes? 


  1. I love the collection! It is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm am so jealous you got to go and interview Ping He!! Love your blog posts! Thank you! :) x

    1. Don't you just want everything?!? It's so beautiful aaaaaand wearable, which is not always the case when it comes to LFW! Thank you for the kind words. x