Wednesday, 18 September 2013



A grey, wet and windy friday, a girl with a one hour turn around slot and an extremely fashionable occasion? Panic! 

Deciding what to wear to your first LFW show should be one of those decision making processes that takes up all of your brain space and keeps you awake at night. Thankfully, I didn't have the time or room available in my head to devote to this most crucial of decisions in the week up until the fateful night, and therefore my outfit was more the result of a snap judgement call rather than hours of agonising deliberation.

On Friday the 13th (oo-err!) I launched myself through the door to my flat, swooshed into my room, threw the everyday garb I was wearing off and stood in front of my wardrobe. I knew one thing and one thing for sure and that was BLACK. It had to be black.

 I'm a big into black. Especially when it comes to anything that falls outside the 'day' wear category (though I try and get away with it from dawn till dusk if I can). Black can make me feel elegant, edgy, chic, classic, on trend or unique; it's my chameleon of choice. I have a trusted selection of LDB's, leather shorts, skirts and jeans in this dark warrior shade of style, and I could never be without it.

When I need to feel confident and comfortable and I need to do it fast, I always head full on into the midnight hue. You see its not just the outfit, its the accessorise, the make up. When it comes to black I know what's what. I can pull the whole look together without really having to think about it...

...And thats pretty much what I did.

Lace Crop Top - Topshop

Necklace - Topshop

Layered Pleated Maxi Skirt - Vintage


Now ladies, unfortunately this entire outfit was comprised of old and trusted clothing items, meaning I can't link you to a page on which they'd be purchasable. I have however trawled the wondrous world of the web and found some pretty darn close duplicates!

I chose to go with a sleeveless crop top purely because I had an inkling it would be rather warm under all those lights (and it was!), but below I've included both a long sleeve crop tee and a strappy cami. Either would work with the maxi skirt. It's the crop that's important! That little bit of midriff breaks up the silhouette, preventing the look from toppling from casual glam into down right gothic.

Covering up with a cropped leather jacket shakes things up a bit. My style is naturally slightly more 'rock chic' (does anyone else HATE that phrase? BLURGH) than polished princess, and adding this harder texture and structured shape I can dress the look down. If you did want to keep things a bit more high-fashion and girly however a cropped black short faux fur jacket, or a cropped plain black jumper (maybe with a little bit of sparkle... oooo!) would definitely work.


I hope you've enjoyed this post. It's my first ever OOTD and I was pretty nervous about popping it up here (especially as it was shot with an i-phone; all I had to hand sorry!).

Hope ya'll have a good day. Peace-out pals! x

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  1. You look stunning! Maybe its a little bit late lol but please do more OOTD's. Really love your style x