Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Not So Naughty Noms.

Rice Cakes.

The epitome of jibe inducing food. The second you whip out a rice cake near another human being you can practically see the thoughts forming... 'oooh looks like someone's on a diet!' 

Shove off love... what if I just happen to really like rice cakes? Eh?

That's me. The one that likes them. I eat them plain, lightly salted, smothered in cream cheese and topped with parma ham, and (more often than is probably advisable) naughtily dipped in white chocolate. Until recently I'd only ever brought the all natural plain variety and added my own flavouring as it cuts out the nasties you find in the pre-seasoned packets such as Snack A Jack's (MSG anyone?), then I spotted Kallo's Corn and Rice Snacks in my local health food store. 

These baby's have no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and they are MSG free! I figured I'd give them a go and popped a salt and vinegar pack in my basket and I'm rather pleased I did. They are super scrummy! Just the right level of flavour, excellent crispyness factor and you get a good amount in a bag, it's not been filled mostly with air like some snack packs these days.

So there ya go. Short and sweet. I know rice cakes aren't overly exciting but I just thought I'd share my foody find with you lot. It looks like you can pick a pack up in Waitrose, Holland and Barrett and most health food stores. 

Any suggestions pour moi for other natural / vaguely healthy snack options?
I'm all ears and tastebuds...

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