Friday, 28 June 2013

This Is How The Summer Ends.

Do you reckon we've had it? Was that Summer? Seriously?

I'm not giving up people. I have an array of warm weather attire I've yet to flaunt and I'm damn well guna flaunt it. I've also got fingers, toes and eyes crossed that this weekend is 2002 Nelly (Hot in Herre!) for those of you at to Glasto. So here we go, the outfit I'm a hopin' and a wishin' will be festival appropriate for a couple of months yet.

Fields of gold, music so loud your ears start bleeding and one cider too many do not mix with heels, even a wedge can seem like a device of torture when your three bands in and numerous tequilas down. So turn to the trusty sandal you free spirited wonderer. Don't you settle for any old flip flop, just because we are being sensible doesn't mean we cant be stylish and River Island hits the fashion nail on the head with these Metal barred beauties.

You know how sometimes even though its a bajillion degrees in the sun when you find yourself under a tree or behind someone who quite clearly ate all the pies, in other words, well and truly in the shade, suddenly it seems a bit 'nippy'? Not cold enough for a chunky winter knit but there's a slightly breeze that could threaten to raise a pimpled goose or two? Romwe's floral sweater has you covered (ha!). Light weight, easily shoved into a bag, absolutely stunning and effortlessly chic.

Denim shorts. Buggers. Little Buggers. Personally I have to be feeling damned confident to wear any form of short without the safety net of tights covering the pale and somewhat jiggly flesh of my tighs. However those days do occur, usually aided by a margarita or two...
£30? Topshop? Moto? DONE. Easy peasy.

Finally we find ourselves at the bag. Bags are a pain in the arse. I love them. I honestly do. I think I inherited the passion from my mother. Her handbag collection is unrivalled. However, finding the absolute right bag for an occasion can be a task more taxing than attempting to find the square root of 798245 x 473957 / 6.639 in your head. There are so many factors to be considered : space, durability, weatherproofness ( that's not a word : / ), comfort, colour, style. It's a bloody nightmare. I usually suffer with space over most things, I NEED SPACE, this bucket bag from Zara has a Mary Poppins quality to it and its a great 24 hour buddy. Day to night, no fuss. Boom.

Let's go with the power of positive thinking guys and dolls. 
Everybody after three,      1... 2... 3... SSSSUUUUUUUNNNNNSSSHHHHIIINNNNEEEE!!!

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