Friday, 14 June 2013


Glitter top coats. I have a love hate relationship with the little tykes. They have the ability to look both utterly awesome or totally trashy, chic and elegant or christmas bauble, oh and they are universally acknowledged as a bitch to get off.

Recently I've gone off normal glitter. Its just not doing it for me any more. This however is something different. Models Own 'Splash' Range is a series of 5 'top coats' that contain chunky shards of iridescent light reflecting flakes. There's a blue, pink, red and orange and the sort of purplish looking one I went for which is beautifully named 'Mermaid Tears'.

I grabbed mine on ASOS for a fiver. Money well spent. This is my new favourite evening nail look. The shards are a sort of blue/aqua colour and teemed with a black polish they really stand out. Even blokes have noticed my nails when I've had this combo on the go, noticed and complimented... WOAH!

I've popped this sobbing fishtail wonder over some of my favourite paler shades too, mint green, light blue, lilac, and it's a subtler finish, sort of pretty rather than the striking effect when its over black or a royal blue.

If you're looking for something easily applied to shake up your existing colour collection I'd highly recommend giving the Splash range a go. Just make sure you pop a top coat over whichever of the paradise beach inspired line you choose to ensure a sleek and even finish.

I'm going to watch The Little Mermaid now... Don't judge me.

 'Under da' sea... do do do do... Under da' sea...'

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