Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pulling On Purse Strings.

I'd been struggling with a broken zipped faux leather poor excuse of a purse from Topshop for the last few months (apparently it's not just me, word on the spending street is that the quality of Topshop purses is somewhat below par, especially in the zip department), and after loosing various bits of loose change to the depths of handbags, the streets of London and between myself and the large bloated commuter next to me on the tube I decided enough was enough!

I wanted to find a something decent to stash my cash in and I was prepared to pay out for the pay off. However after a good week or so of intermittent searching both online and on foot I came up empty handed. Things were getting desperate so I figured I'd just pick up a cheapish replacement for the meantime, otherwise I'd continually unintentionally kissing goodbye to my hard earned moolah.

I was placing an order on ASOS and came across this Bright Floral Embroidered Zip Around Purse. The styling was completely different from my normal safe black but it had all the necessities, lots of card slots, a zipable pocket, and only cost £15. I figured it would do.

It more than does.

I bloody love this thing. Not only it is great quality, its a perfect size and it's easy to find in the depths of even the largest arm candy! It might be a shake up from my back to black routine but I actually really like the design. It's gorgeous and right on the button for spring summer. Yay!

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