Thursday, 13 June 2013


Remember the cat ear sunnies featured on May's 'Black Sun' YES PLEASE list? Those ones I'd need to sell a kidney to be able to afford? Well guess what... DIXI, one of my favourite online accessories and jewellery stores stock a purse friendly version!

I kinda had to have them didn't I? They are truly awesome. I only bust these feline fashion items out with my harder edged outfits, but every time I do I get complimented on the little suckers. They look equally fantastic resting on your nose or perched on top of your noggin. In fact they sort of make more sense plonked on top of your barnet as the ears are in the right place then and not sitting over your eyebrows.

These seriously fun sun shaders will be traveling with me to many a festival this summer I'm sure.
Are you brave enough to give them a go?

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