Monday, 3 June 2013

Clean That Mess Up.

Give me the news... I gotta' bad case of loooooving yooooou.

Ok I'll stop now.

Right. Dr Bronner. He's not going cure your sniffles, or even help with that slightly iffy looking rash (might wanna get that seen too love...) but he makes one hell of a soap. I decided to purchase a bottle after my regular brush cleaner (the Bare Minerals Well-Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo) ran out and wasn't in stock at my usual online haunt. I'd heard a lot about Dr Bronner and his magic soap and figured it was about time I give it a go.

After some research into the varieties available I went for the tea tree option. I'm currently involved in an ongoing battle against adult acne (more on that to come in future posts guys and dolls), and figured maybe it might help ever so slightly, plus I like the smell.

Down to business though... I love this stuff. It does an excellent job on my brushes, even on those laden with super thick concealer and foundation. I just dampen the brush slightly, get a little soap in the palm of my hand and swirl the brush around in it for a few seconds, then rinse out under running warm water.

It's cheaper than my previous brush cleaner, and if I ever run out of shampoo or hand soap it can be used an an emergency back up!

It's available from a whole bunch of places, but I got mine here at Feel Unique - £5.49 (free delivery!)

Added bonuses include that fact that many of the ingredients are fair trade sourced and certified under the national USDA national organic program, no animal testing is involved at all, oh and Dr Bronner looks like a mad scientist...

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