Sunday, 2 June 2013

Acaia Body Smoothie

Body Smoothie? SMOOTHIE? Seriously? I've pledged my allegiance to the body butters of this world and now your adding another food group? Ok lets all calm down a bit. It's only branding after all.

The Acai Body Smoothie surprised me, it's consistency is definitely not that of a body butter, there's no grease involved here, but its not as light as any of those air whipped jobbys that have appeared lately. I'm guna go with a thick mousse. A non sticky pink sorta mousse type thing. Yeah.

Anyway. Once you've stopped marvelling at the unique and rather indescribable texture and started applying this little wonder you'll be hit by the fantastic smell. Gorgeously fruity without being sweet, it's almost a little tart and so so fresh! You can practically taste the berries.

It terms of moisturising, which is after all the number one characteristic we are looking for here, this scrumptiously smelling tub of summer fun scores pretty darn high. Like I said, there's no greasy residue,  it seems to be easily absorbed by the skin, a little goes a long way and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky. It certainly does moisturise, my skin feels smoother and softer after application, and the smell hangs around for a little while too which is a delicious added bonus.

The Acai Body Smoothie is perfect for days when your in a hurry. You don't need to worry about leaving icky oily marks everywhere, it wont cause every piece of grass or fluff to instant stick to your legs and create that oh so desirable yeti look and it doesn't make it nigh on impossible to pull your skinny jeans on. Whilst it wont replace my body butters, which are still firm favourites on lazy sundays and when I've got time for a real pamper session, it is now a staple in my body care line up. No more forcing one leg in the Topshop Leighs, loosing my footing and going arse over tit for me in the mornings! YAY!

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