Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spring Nail Edit

SUN. FUCKING SUN! Did anyone else see it? It was here. I promise! I don't know when we'll be seeing it again, or how long for, but those few skin licking delicious rays sparked the arrival of spring/summer time for me. They also imparted a deep sense of impending doom (bikini season's drawing near ladies) and the stark realization that my wardrobe does not currently support warmer climates. Shopping for heat friendly clothes is a bit of a mission, finding something cool enough thats office appropriate and in keeping with my personal style is tricky dicky. Updating my nail colours however involves the quick rotation of a (rather large) polish housing drawer and I'm good to go!

The Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine range features heavily in this selection. I love the formula, they are brilliantly opaque after two coats and the colours are just gorgeous. My absolute favourite is the Lilac/Purple 'Prickly Pear', it's just sooooo pretty, and it looks scrumptious on tootsies as well as fingertips. 'Greenberry' the bright turquoise is a close second, it's super vibrant and definitly makes an impact, great for teaming with pretty florals or simple block shifts during the day and making a statement against darker evening styles (in my case usually disco pants and leather jackets). The nearing cult status 'Blueberry' is also b-e-a-utiful as is the deep green 'Watermelon' but a quick word of warning on 'Lychee' the nude, it's not for every skin tone, but does work great as a nail art base.

The two Topshop shades I've included are both blue hues, 'Marine Scene' which as the name suggests, wouldn't look out of place on the hit TV show STINGRAY duh na nur nur nur na... ahem, and 'Windy City' which is almost a muted duck egg tone. 

Rimmel's 60 polish in 'Grey Matter' is an all season staple with me, and the brush on these little guys makes application a dream. Finally there's 'Bon Bon' from Ciaté, a dusky sort of rose. Against pale skin this is absolutely stunning (fantastic for the practically transparent like myself), but once you've got a bit of colour going on I'd pop a shimmer top coat over it to boost the contrast and avoid a 'muddy' look. 

I'm sure I'll end up with a 'Part Deux' to this post so keep a look out, but this my current go to selection.  Now if you'll excuse me I have about 10,000 sit ups to do...

Clockwise from top:
Topshop - Marine Scene
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Watermelon
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Greenberry
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Blueberry
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Prickly Pear
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Lychee
Ciaté - Bon Bon
Topshop - Windy City
Rimmel 60 Seconds - Grey Matter


  1. Those Barry M polishes look amazing! I'll be sure to pick one up next time I'm in Boots X

  2. They are so worth it! Prickly Pear has been on my fingers and toes for 2 weeks straight which is totally unheard of. I love the colour, its so flattering... and it lasts for days!