Saturday, 4 May 2013

Finger Candy

Recently I posted about the launch of DIXI's new website, one of my favourite go to stops online for accessories, and well while writing about their new collections I may have accidently, 'oops my finger slipped', type, sort of, bought a couple of things...

I was extremely restrained and just brought a couple of above knuckle rings. I went for sterling sliver in a Wishbone and Plain Band style. I absolutely adore them. They may be slightly more pricey than your average high street option but they aren't going to give you the delightful green fingered 'I'm slowly turning into a Zombie starting with my digits' look. You can wear the rings singularly or mix and match, and they really set off any outfit. I've got quite a harsh style when it comes to jewelry (skulls, geometric shapes etc) and I find these soften and feminize my outfits. The regular rings featured here were a last minute purchase in HnM a stackable 10 Pack that only cost £2.99!!!