Thursday, 23 May 2013

Black Sun.

Jumpsuits are one of those clothing items that I absolutely adore, get the right one and you can pull off a real unique, edgy, chic look effortlessly. There is however a vast sea of camel toe creators and thigh clingers out there to be navigated before finding you're own long lost island of one piece paradise. For me personally, this sheer backed number from ASOS hits all the right buttons, so much so that I hit the check out button and purchased its fine ass. Opps! Shoppers guilt aside, I'm so glad I did. I'm a size 10 with D-cup fun bags, a long body with a little waist and a sizeable hip, bum, thigh zone and jumpsuits can make me look like a lumpy sausage, this one however fits like a dream. The fabric is light, moves gracefully and doesn't give you that material made paunch that some tie waists can create. The sheer back extends to a panel that runs down the outside of both legs and reveals just enough skin to be fashion over flirty.

ERM MA GURD... ERM. MA. GURD. These sunglasses have shot to the top of my wish list. They are both ridiculous and awesome. I don't really have to say much more do I? You can see them. They are right there ^ . HOW FREAKIN' MARVELLOUS ARE THEY?! .... I KNOW! 

On a completely unrelated much do you reckon I can get for my kidney?

The gladiator sandal look is one I've always found tricky. Ankle straps have a tendency to make my legs look less like a those of a leaping gazells and more like the body carriers of an aged elephant. These bad boys from Topshop however have a little cheeky wedge heel hiding at the back, enough to give that all important lift without being overly high, making them day wear appropriate and bearable for those 'rushed off your feet' days.


  1. Close enough knockoff?

    1. I have hit that check out button way too many times today ;) !!! Thank you! x

  2. Replies
    1. Gorgeous huh? They can definitely take you from a day to night time look too which I love. It's all about the multipurpose! x