Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Lorde, birth name Ella, is an extremely talented 16 year old from New Zealand. She's pretty brand new on the scene and unfortunately not available on i-tunes here in the UK yet. However head to her website and have a listen through the tracks from the soon to be released E.P. 'The Love Club'.

If you've not got a lot of time to spare, head straight to Royals (above.) I have to confess to having this on repeat for my entire journey to work at 7am this morning and again for my entire journey home. That may have been slightly excessive but its a bloody fantastic song. The lyrics aren't much to get excited about in my opinion but her voice excellent and there's a sort of notion of moving forward in the song, it evokes a ing of empowering feeling. Well it does for me. I like it alright. 

Have a go. Stick it on. You'll feel better for it. Honest.

For a more in depth look into the music by someone with far more attuned ears and greater musical vocabulary than my own, head here to a review via The Recommender.

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