Sunday, 21 April 2013

It's a Kind of Magic

Stationary. I love it. My guess is you love it too. We all love it. Crisp blank pages and those extra special favorite pens that for some reason are so much better than every other bog standard biro. It's a not so guilty pleasure that we can reasonably indulge in, justify to ourselves under the guise of 'organisation' and it's just so pretttty. 

My usual haunts are Magma, Muji and everyone's favourite go to, Paperchase, but I've recently found myself wanting more, something a little different, unique. I'd heard on the grape vine that Korea had this corner of the market down, trouble is I live in London, Korean merchandise isn't so easy to come by in the capital. However spend a few minutes on the worlds largest shop, AKA the internet, and I unearthed a wonderful site, 'The Magic Notebook'.

At first look it can seem a little daunting but once you've got the hang of the layout its easy to spend a good hour browsing everything on offer, and there is a lot to offer, aaaaaand it's all bloody lovely!

The best thing about the site is the number of pictures there are of each item, you get a detailed look at the inside and outside of all the diaries, notebooks and various other nicknacks, along with possible pairings and examples of the items in use.

I went for The Vintage Year Journal Version 2 in Light Blue which was pictured with a variety of fantastic additions of brightly coloured stickers being used as markers and signifiers of events big and small throughout the weeks. I was completely drawn in. My somewhat normal and mundane life could be turned into something beautiful with just a few carefully placed shapes and icons. 

Naturally I had to purchase some stickers also...

Forgive the blankness of the majority of the week shown, it's just that I have a tendency to over share and write slightly overly personal notes to myself about my daily appointments. This spread was actually the result of my slight OCD need to delve into the past and fill in significant dates that have already passed in a diary that I purchased 4 months into a year. Does anyone else do that?

Anyway, now I'm into the swing of it and I relish adding meetings, nights out, planned holidays, festivals, gigs, even doctors appointments. I'm not precious over it, a blue circle there, a little face here, a random korean phrase (the meaning of which I have no idea) plonked alongside a lunch date, it looks like a festival every week of my life.

If you're looking for unique, gorgeous and high quality stationary I'd really recommend checking out The Magic Notebook, the possibilities are endless. 


  1. I love stationary and my weekly planner as well! Those stickers look adorable!


    1. They are too cute! I end up deliberating over which ones to use constantly! x