Monday, 25 March 2013


I'm blessed to be surround by friends that have rather eclectic tastes in music and am therefore constantly subjected to some awesome sounds. Every so often my lug holes get treated to a combination of notes that really hits the spot. Currently that spot is being repeatedly poked and prodded by the devilishly named Lucius.

The band's sound centers around combining the voices of Jess Wolfe & Holly Laessig into one deliciously dark yet magical sound. Grimm's fairy-tales rather than Disney princesses. With the superb musical talents of Dan Molad (drums), Peter Lalish (guitar) and Andrew Burri (guitar) layering some brilliant chords around the energetic vocals.

I've currently got the attitude filled 'Genevieve' and 'Turn it Around' on repeat, but the whole self titled EP (available from i-tunes) is brilliant. Album due August 2013.

The slower and definitely more angst ridden self indulgent 'Go Home' and 'Don't Just Sit There' are more haunting and melancholic than the aforementioned energy boosters but no less worthy of your headspace. The video for 'Go Home' (featured) is a piece of art in itself, give it a oogle if you fancy.

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